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The Center for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiatives (CCEPI) serves a part of Nigeria that is the beloved ancestral homeland of millions of people. Over the past decades, this once peaceful--and still beautiful--place has been caught in a storm of violence. In response, CCEPI was founded by a local hero, Dr. Rebecca Dali, and is run by and for local people, with a globally celebrated record of powerful impact.

CCEPI offers a wide range of services--whatever is needed. This includes emergency rescue and caring for victims of fatal attacks, trauma healing, family services, relocation support, food assistance, education programs, and job and entrepreneur training. 

December 2023 Update

We are excited to share good news. With a great deal of Nigerian volunteer labor, ranging from legal support to bricklaying, and with donations from around the world,  CCEPI has fulfilled an ambitious dream: we completed our headquarters offices in Jos, Nigeria! This proud building offers so much, both practically and symbolically. It is a safe haven for staff and equipment; a secure and dignified space for events, trainings, ceremonies, and activities; and includes a memorial for those we've lost;.

This stately symbol embodies a brighter future, and our unflagging optimism that a new era is possible.; Our community members see that they too deserve access to a beautiful and welcoming  place, and that the world does care.. Many spaces within, and the memorial garden are named in honor of friends from around the world who support CCEPI in many ways, over many years. 

And this is just the beginning! We have plans for more buildings across a campus,  housing a range of services and opportunities.. Contact us to find out more about this work, and all of CCEPI. 


WHERE WE WORK: Northern Nigeria


WHO WE HELP: The most vulnerable and marginalized people of Northern Nigeria, of all faiths, ethnicities, abilities, and genders. This includes many women, orphans, victims of terrorism, displaced people, people with no access to education or training, and anyone who needs a place to belong, including orphans and escaped kidnap victims.


OUR SUPPORTERS: Our network of support comes from Nigeria--and the whole world. We receive donations and volunteer help from religious congregations and institutions, international organizations, and members of the public from around the world who care about peace and justice. Visit our Partners page for more details.



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Award-winning founder Dr. Rebecca Dali and her team have committed their lives to rebuilding and creating a positive future for the people. Because Northern Nigeria has become so violent and inaccessible to foreigners, the world largely ignores the situation. CCEPI needs your help. Please consider donating, buying Dr. Rebecca’s book, learning about  CCEPI and the people of Northern Nigeria, and sharing what you learn with others. Your solidarity means the world to CCEPI and the resilient people we serve. 


For more than 30 years, The Center for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiatives (CCEPI) has helped hundreds of thousands of Nigerian people and communities who have been caught in the storm, facing violence, displacement, trauma, and hunger. As CCEPI o ers emergency care, they also plant seeds for a better future by o ering education, livelihood training, care for orphans, and support for nutritious local food systems. They work in solidarity with everyday, peace-loving communities, families, and unique individuals.



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