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Emergency Response

  • Remove survivors from scene of violence

  • Bury victims, recording their identities and mourn passing

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Emergency support for affected communities

  • Organize food and basic supply handouts

  • Supply raw materials for livelihood opportunities e.g. soap making, tailoring

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Community Integration

  • Find homes for people with extended family or other communities

  • If necessary, place children in new or foster homes

  • Arrange health care for pregnant women

  • Organize orphanages

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Education and Training

  • Offer basic education

  • Offer vocational training

  • Celebrate graduations

  • Equip with business resources for new livelihood

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Tend to survivors and

escaped kidnap victims

  • Take to a safe place, medical care, sustenance

  • Psychological intake

  • Find caretakers for children with no parents

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Continued Care

  • Safe setting with sustenance

  • Medical Recovery and psychological care

  • Planning for the next steps

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Peace Building

  • Violence prevention programs with youth

  • Support groups for victims

  • Domestic advocacy for government services and Nigerian public awareness and support

  • Global advocacy to raise awareness and support

CCEPI cares for people. For decades, CCEPI staff and volunteers have shown the commitment and courage to face terrible situations to help neighbors and strangers, individuals and whole communities. As the rest of the world looks away, CCEPI serves: people who have faced unimaginable violence, families driven from their homes,children without families, bereaved parents, kidnapping victims, people without food, water or shelter. People with nowhere to turn. 


At CCEPI, we go where needed, in solidarity, with compassion. From this bleakness, we’ve seen countless stories of human resilience. Once we rescued a mother whose children and husband were killed in front of her. We helped her recover, find land and build a small home, start a new life, even launch a successful business. Now, after years of recovery, she even imagines remarrying.


Over the decades, we have refined an intake program that addresses shock, meets physical needs, and gently opens the door to psychological healing and life rebuilding, treating as person as a unique individual. We reconnect victims with their communities and families and find homes for orphans. When communities are hungry, CCEPI brings food--and agricultural inputs so they can grow their own healthy food. CCEPI offers schooling and training and livelihood opportunities, and plants seeds of the peace we collectively envision.


There is hope. History shows this kind of mass chaos can abate, as a result of collective action and determination of the local people. (The country of Indonesia offers a recent example.) Northern Nigeria too can become a peaceful, thriving society, with support and solidarity from the rest of the world. The people need immediate help, and support to co-create a better future. At CCEPI, we are leading that change, in partnership with our brothers and sisters from around the world.

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