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“Too often invisible to the world, the dignified and resilient people of Northern Nigeria want peace, and can even manage to thrive in difficult circumstances. Dr. Rebecca and CCEPI are there in solidarity and with practical support for so many. I donate and volunteer because I see how it helps amplify everything CCEPI does.


--Ann Hendrix-Jenkins, Senior Advisor, Movement for Community-led Development

All donations to CCEPI are deeply appreciated, with every donation making a meaningful difference. 


We serve every human being who needs our support, including all religions, ethnic groups, ages, abilities, and genders. 


Educate yourself and your community by buying the book about Dr. Rebecca’s incredible life.

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Thank you for your donation!

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Looking for a meaningful way to effectively help people who really need it? Perhaps you, your family, school, community or religious group will consider donating to CCEPI. Every dollar raised goes right to Nigeria and is put to work immediately. The funding is critical to our work…as well as solidarity and love that comes with it!

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CCEPI has a range of projects and activities that could use your technical and financial support. Please contact CCEPI to find out more.

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CCEPI has partnered with international NGOs, UN Agencies, government agencies like USAID, religious organizations, and more. We live in and reach places where outsiders cannot safely visit or work, and we understand what is going on at any given time and can respond and adapt immediately. Our financial and reporting systems meet global standards. Please contact CCEPI for more information and references.

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