CCEPI USA, Center for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiative is a long title for an organization, words full of impressive attributes. Dr Rebecca Dali of Nigeria, embodies all those qualities despite the obstacles she has had in her life’s journey. Rebecca has suffered poverty, misogyny, discrimination, violence and because of her suffering she has a heart to help those who have experienced these same tragedies. This came to be her life’s work, to help those who have lost their homes, family members, livelihood to terrorism, and victims of rape. Frank Ramirez, a Church of the Brethren author and pastor, was asked by the CCEPI Board to write a book about Rebecca and her work. The book’s purpose is to raise the awareness of the extreme problems of Nigeria, to tell the story of Rebecca’s life, and inspire the reader to work hard toward a goal. The book is written for older elementary and middle school age children but of interest to adults as well. The book also encourages children with problems of abuse to find help. An excellent book to teach children about other children living in poverty and that education is a primary need of all people.

We Have Walked In Each Other's Shoes Book