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A powerful book to help young people learn about poverty, the power of education, and the difference one person can make. Dr. Rebecca Dali’s story is a riveting tale for adults as well. 


Dr. Rebecca Dali is living a life that defies imagination. She was born into a poor, peaceful, remote Nigeria of long ago. She knew extreme poverty, the hunger of days without food, and a special kind of thirst…for an education. Her family’s poverty  compelled her to learn to write by scratching in the dirt. This book tells the unlikely tale of that little girl, growing up, experiencing a series of twists and turns and eventually earning a Ph.D. 


As her educational quest unfolded, so did a darker story. Rebecca witnessed the breakdown of her society as terrorists groups took over and violence escalated. In response, she followed a calling to help others, despite--or perhaps because of--the suffering she herself endured:,the tragic loss of her son, her own kidnapping, and more. Her humanitarian reach expanded exponentially, driven by her strategic and creative approaches, her huge heart, and her ability to connect with anyone she meets, from a humble orphan to a global leader. Rebecca was so focused on the work that she was sincerely shocked to learn in 2017 that she had been named the United Nations Global Humanitarian of the Year. 


Rebecca has suffered poverty, misogyny, racism, violence, and the worst loss possible. Yet she uses her ineffable spirit to turn her suffering into wisdom and drive, touching the lives of millions of people.


Frank Ramirez, a Church of the Brethren author and pastor, was asked by the CCEPI’s Board of Directors to write a book about Rebecca and her work. The purpose of the book is to raise awareness of the extreme problems of Nigeria, share the story of Rebecca’s life, and inspire readers to aim high and work hard. Although written for older elementary and middle school age children, adult readers find it fascinating too. The book encourages children with problems of abuse to find help.

We Have Walked In Each Other's Shoes Book

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