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1.    NIGERIA: The Registered Nigerian office is situated at Michika Town 
 No. 2 behind Assembly of God Church, Michika Local Government, Adamawa State. 


2.   AMERICA: The name of this Corporation is CCEPI USA. The Corporation may also do business under its registered fictitious name: Centre for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiatives, USA. 


Role and Purpose of CCEPI IN USA:


The purpose of the Corporation is charitable and educational support in USA, outreach in the country of Nigeria and in other parts of Africa, namely, to aid persons who are sick, hungry, homeless, refugees, displaced, poor, physically challenged, traumatized widows, orphans, depressed; or victims of disaster, human rights abuses or civil rights abuses; to profile the most vulnerable for purposes of efficient delivery of aid to them; and to provide direct aid or refer aid by other organizations and professionals for those persons.


Registered Office. The registered office of the Corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall be stated in the Articles of Incorporation until otherwise established by a vote of the Board of Trustees in office, and a statement of such change is filed in the Department of State or until changed by an appropriate amendment of the Articles of Incorporation. 


598 Longenecker Road,
                Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, 17552
                +1 (717) 990-9320


1.     CCEPI Nigeria Branch Offices and Skills Acquisition Livelihood Centres ADAMAWA STATE Mararaba Office  
No. 1 Behind Kwarhi A Primary School,  MararabaMubi , Adamawa State

2.    Yola Office and Skill Acquisition Livelihood Centre No. 2 behind Building Materials Market, Yola Town, Adamawa


3. Wandali Office and Skill Acquisition Livelihood Centre: No. 4 Opposite Tasha Mosques Wandali, Borno State

4. Business and Liaison Office and SkillAcquisitionLivelihoodCentre: No. 7 Fwatti Opposite Police Mounted Troops P.O. Box 1737, Jos Plateau State YOBE STATE

5.  Branch Office: Abba Ibrahim Housing Estate, Off Gubja Road, Damaturu, Yobe State

6. Cameroon: Activities Among Widows and Orphans Refugees in Minawa'0 Camp, Cameroun Clo Gwadava Moses

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