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We Have Walked In Each Other's Shoes - Book

Centre for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiatives (CCEPI) 



  • To alleviate suffering among vulnerable groups;

  • To promote human well-being and dignity, economic development, and peace; and 

  • To strengthen the capacity of individuals, families, and communities to achieve these goals. 


  • CCEPI values summarized thus: Profiling, Empowerment, Accountability, Community, Love and Networking  (PEACLN)

  • PROFILING: To profile the most vulnerable for purpose of efficient delivery of aid to them; to provide direct aid, care or make a referral.     EMPOWERMENT: Equipping people to ensure continuous improvement in knowledge, skills acquisition, and attitude.

  • ACCOUNTABITILITY:  Keeping to honesty, accountability to our donors and people of concern, integrity and ethical values which are vital in our organization.

  • COMMUNICATION: Participation and effective communication as an integral part of our activities.

  • LOVE: Working together in love and unity for the realization of our aims and objectives in order to fight against human rights abuses and help people in desperate situations.

  • NETWORKING: Forming network and using cluster approach with similar organizations to seek or provide support

  • CCEPI envisions society where the vulnerable people will access basic needs of life where people will have confidence in themselves and work towards self-reliance and accomplishments. 

  • CCEPI hopes to see people working together to build peace; promote human rights and provide the environment for healing, sharing, economic sustainability and peaceful co-existence. 


●   To help in fostering protection, minimize human rights abuses, provide quality services, care and support to vulnerable people.

●   To strengthen the capacity of individuals, families and communities to care for the vulnerable people.
●    To help in providing humanitarian assistance, care, and basic support to victims of conflict, people living with HIV/AIDS and destitute families.
●    To improve quality of life for Vulnerable People in Nigeria, Africa, USA and beyond.
●    To promote proper quality service delivery, care and support to vulnerable people.


●    To seek and facilitate healing, reconciliation and the reconstruction of affected families and communities.
●    To enlighten people on effects of poverty, corruption, conflict, violence, and advocate for dialogue and peaceful co-existence among Christians and other religion.
●    To encourage children education, orphans, school dropout and out-of-school youth who could not go back to school due to conflicts, HIV/AIDS, poverty and drug addictions victims through facilitation of scholarship, aiming at helping them to discover and manipulate their talents, worthiness, in order to be self-supporting, social and economic sustainability.


●    To provide free legal representation in appropriate cases like women and child abuse and similar human rights abuse for vulnerable people. And to work towards social transformation and advancement of people’s rights.
●    To create a forum through grass-roots activities of local communities and individuals where issues of poverty, illiteracy, gender-related violence and other social ills which have hindered the development of people should be discussed collectively and acted upon.
●    To create awareness and sensitize the public about the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS, violent conflicts and poverty
●    To involve in conflict intervention through trauma healing, empowerment of victims through providing urgent basic needs.



To promote the wellbeing of most vulnerable people (persons of concern) To provide quality services, care, and support to vulnerable people. To strengthen the capacity of individuals, families, communities, and government to care and support the vulnerable people.


To serve and care for most vulnerable groups (persons of concern) of people includes Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Widows, Internally Displaced and Refugees, People Living with HIV/AIDS etc, regardless of their religious and cultural background.

To build the economic, social and moral capacity of people which will in turn become agents of change and development and be partners in co-operation and coordination of people. People will be empowered to show an example of living productive lives keeping to ethical and moral values.




Phone: +2348037554795, +2348027319948

Phone: +1 (717) 990-9320

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